David Ross Scheerarchitect

Working with me

I've been a professional architect for thirty years. My experience has led me to believe that architecture arises from the encounter between human life and the natural world. Taken together, your way of life and your building site will guide the design of your project.

We will work together very closely. We will take the time to build the kind of understanding needed to design a home or remodel according to your individual ideas and way of life. I will learn about you, how you live and what you want to achieve. You will learn how architecture can respond to these things. It will be a fascinating and rewarding journey.

I will make a thorough study of the building site. The site must be understood in every respect: its microclimate, topography, soils, vegetation, drainage, legal restrictions, access, existing structures, the availability of utilities and even its history.

I will design according to your budget. We will review your budget at the very beginning. Every design idea I propose will be feasible within that budget. I will provide increasingly precise cost estimates as the design progresses.

I work with contractors. I value their experience and input. I like to involve a contractor early in the design process to advise on the cost and constructibility of design ideas. I stay deeply involved throughout the construction, working with the contractors to solve problems and find better ways of realizing design ideas.

I do all the work myself. I have no staff, no assistants, no drafters. This is so I can make sure that your intentions are accurately reflected in the design and that I can bring all of my 30 years' experience to every aspect of your project. I take only one or two projects at a time.

different kinds of sites
different kinds of sites